IUI and IVF Course Description

14 Days Crash Course in IUI and IVF

Daily Online live lectures

  1. Basics of Infertility, How to interpret investigations?
  2. How to read HSG? USG for Follicular monitoring in IUI.
  3. Drugs for ovulation induction include Gonadoritropin and GnRH analogs.
  4. Ovulation Induction for IUI including difficult cases eg. PCOS, LUF, and type of triggers and dosage.
  5. Luteal phase support in IUI, thin Endometrium in IUI cycles.
  6. Semen Analysis and Semen Washing Techniques.
  7. How to start the level 1 Art clinic (IUI clinic) which forms are to be filled and how a small test
  8. Stimulation protocols for IVF, agonist, and antagonist.
  9. Poor responders how to tackle?
  10. Adenomyosis, Endometriosis, Fibroid.
  11. OPU including video and Intraop and postoperative complications.
  12. Thin Endometrium in IVF and Hydrosalpinges.
  13. Luteal support after ART and first-trimester complications.
  14. How to establish a level 2 art clinic small test

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