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About Course

IQRAMED ACADEMY is of its kind institute offering certified courses
to doctors for enhancing their careers. We always endeavor to
create experts in the Hair industry and deliver the best career
opportunities to them. Our experts are our pride and are always
working to fulfill our objective with the singular aim of providing the
very best in the field of Trichology. Iqramed Academy is proud to
offer the best course in Diploma in Trichology in India. We not only
provide the best courses but also provide the experts in this field. We
have the best faculty experts with expertise in Hair Transplant, laser
hair removal, hair-related disorders, and many more. The aim of this
program is to provide in-depth knowledge of various hair and scalp
ailments for professionals who wish to become certified trichologists.
Our Trichology course is specifically designed by experts
according to the newest industry trends. This course gives you
maximum flexibility, allows you to pursue the course at your own pace, and gives you the freedom to take the class whenever you want. We
have a very unique concept of learning as we believe in individual
learning because everyone is different, so you can learn from the
comfort of your own home while still learning directly from the
faculty. We have brought learning to people instead of people to
learning, we have created a lifeline for those who have obstacles
such as geographical distances. Our Online Trichology course allows
everyone to take our class from any part of the globe. By studying the
Course in trichology from us, you will strengthen your understanding of
the hair, skin, and scalp and you’ll find out that many common hair and

scalp problems can be treated easily, through exact diagnosis and
without any complex courses of medication. Take your sightedness of
problems of the hair and scalp to a top-notch level.
You will gain a greater understanding of how the body works through
Anatomy and Physiology and their Relationship to Trichology. In the
science unit, you will look at the structure of cells and the periodic table
to understand how the body’s building blocks fit and work together.
You will cover nutrition and dietary factors, and see how these affect the
hair and scalp, leading to the kind of problem conditions often seen in
clients. You will also study the science behind products, so you will have
a greater understanding of what your client is using between visits.
There is a practical element to the Course in which you will develop your
consultation skills and practice under the guidance of working
Trichologists. You will build a ‘reflective journal’ of your consultation
experiences, along with consultation evidence and notes, and these will
chart your development and culminate in a final practical observation.
Overall, the Course will help you gain confidence in your new skills and
help you identify any risks associated with providing Trichology services.
Throughout the Course, you will be guided through monthly catch-up
meetings with our tutor team of industry experts, who are there to ensure
you enjoy your learning and support your progress.

You’ll be supported throughout the Course by a tutor network of industry
specialists who deliver lectures and seminars both live and recorded.
This course was conceived and designed to equip hair professionals
with the tools and knowledge to safeguard their clients, increase their
professional effectiveness and elevate the status of the hair profession.
This Diploma/Certification course uses a combination of learning
methods that include live virtual classes, webinars, clinical on-ground training, self-learning through videos and reading material,
and exposure to industry experts. These learning methods are
carefully and deliberately chosen for the program based on their
suitability to achieve the learning objectives of each component. It
provides a learning and practicing platform under world-renowned
experts in Trichology for the in-depth scientific study of Hair and
scalp. Post completion of the course, you will become a super-
specialist expert able to diagnose and provide an effective

treatment for all Hair and Scalp problems. This super specialization
will also offer you a platform to either start your own practice or get
placed in a wellness brand as a Trichologist. As there is a lacuna of
proper training in these fields, we have made an effort to provide
comprehensive training by introducing certificate hands-on
Trichology courses.
Trichology focuses on the scientific study of the scalp and hair health.
This hands-on Trichology training aims at providing the opportunity to
learn more about the subject by demonstrating it to a real-life patient
Trichology is the branch of medical science that deals with the scientific
study of the health of hair and scalp, combined with their individual
treatments. A large demography of patients visiting any skin clinic is
often diagnosed with diseases of hair and scalp. This Post Graduate
The diploma In Medical Trichology program by ICAM enables medical
practitioners to evaluate and efficiently manage various hair and scalp
conditions. Issues like androgenetic alopecia in males and females,
alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, etc, are thoroughly dealt with in this
course along with various other kinds of alopecia and scalp diseases.
The course provides practical training in the latest treatment modalities
like Mesotherapy, Dermaroller, Platelet-rich plasma therapy, low-light
laser therapy, etc. for various hair conditions.
Everything related to hair and scalp will be taught in this course. By
opting for this course, you will be able to determine the patient’s scalp-related issue just by examining it and then suggest a proper treatment
accordingly. This course offers a golden opportunity for the professionals
to gain in-depth knowledge about medical, surgical, and non-surgical hair
loss treatments. Once you become a certified trichologist, you can
promote your new endeavor or establish a trichology center of your own
Trichology is a specialty of specialties that encompasses a broad field.
It is the area in charge of studying the hair and scalp and its treatments
and results have a wide aesthetic content.
Know the medical treatments for the different types of alopecia,
antiandrogen injections, PRP, immunotherapy, and surgical treatments
for alopecia with their different techniques (strip technique, FUE
technique, SAFER automated device) involves first making an adequate
clinical diagnosis supported by the best technologies. Therefore, it is
important to specialize in this field, which will form a rigorous and
complete management of hair pathology.

Postgraduate Certificate in Trichology and Hair Transplantation is a
a training program designed to provide physicians with the necessary
knowledge to implement the specialization in their professional life. It
brings an added balance to working life and opens a door to a growing
demand for healthcare.
The structure of the content has been designed by the best
professionals in the Aesthetic Medicine sector, with extensive
experience and recognized prestige in the profession, backed by the
the volume of cases reviewed, studied, and diagnosed, and with extensive
knowledge of new technologies applied to teaching.



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Course Content

Module 1

  • Lecture 1 | Anatomy and Physiology of Hair
  • Lecture 2 | Trichogram Trichology Alopecia
  • Lecture 3 | Hair Analysis with a Tracheoscopy
  • Lecture 4 | Laser Scalp Stimulation
  • Lecture 5 | Practical – Hair Scalp Therapy | Laser Scalp Stimulation
  • Lecture 6 | Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) For Scalp
  • Lecture 7 | Practical – PRP for Scalp
  • Lecture 8 | Mesotherapy for Skin & Hair
  • Lecture 9 | Abnormalities of Hair Shaft
  • Lecture 10 | Scalp Disorders
  • Lecture 11 | Hair Thinning

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